About Us

Manos Sin Fronteras

Manos Sin Fronteras (Hands Without Frontiers) is a non-profit organization with no political, philosophical or religious ties. For more than 25 years we have been dedicated to promoting the physical, emotional and mental well-being of people across the planet through the Neural Stimulation®.

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In the world without frontiers

We are people of different nationalities, beliefs and backgrounds, who have joined forces to share the Neural Stimulation®, aware that the future of our society depends on every individual. We organize courses in the 5 continents and we are continuously present in Europe, Central America and South America.

About our founder

Precursor of the Neural Stimulation®, founder of Manos Sin Fronteras and of the International Institute of Neural Stimulation and Natural Therapies, “La Jardinera”, is known for her mission to sow the seed of this Teaching, capable of saving lives around the world.



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