We train doctors, nurses and support staff to apply Neural Stimulation techniques. Recalling that the treatments of this order are complementary to medical treatments, never a substitute, but which contribute to the objectives of conventional medicine.

Among the main benefits of neural stimulation for the health area are:

  • Acceleration of cell regeneration processes
  • Assistance for a better and more efficient recovery of patients.
  • Control and decrease the pain.
  • Reduction of side effects during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Stabilising blood sugar levels
  • Controlling fever
  • Stabilisation and reduction of infectious processes.

Below, check the health organizations that are already working with Neural Stimulation around the world.

Hospital das Clínicas of Curitiba, Paraná. Courses and permanent treatments. More than 30,000 treatments have been performed to date.

ANDAR Centre, an interdisciplinary center for early stimulation.
Refugee centre for women with breast cancer.
SANTA CECILIA health centre in Santa Cruz, medical plate and nurse.
Centre for cerebral palsy, training for therapists.

CALDERÓN GUARDIA Hospital, training in the area of ​​mental health for psychologists and psychiatrists.
National Psychiatric Hospital.
National Paediatric Hospital, psychologists training.
Tony Facio of the Hospital of Limón, training for the medical team.
San Antonio de Belén palliative care clinic, training for medical personnel.
San Carlos Hospital, emergency area, training for medical personnel.
EBAIS (Basic Integral Health Teams), training in 7 centres that were part of the diabetic study developed from April to June 2011.

AFEDA (Association of Parents of Patients with Alzheimer’s) in Teruel and Huesca. Training for family members to take better care of the patient and keep them healthy.

Training for nurses and doctors at the Villa Maria di Pianoro Centre, Bologna.

INCAN (Institute of Cancerology). Training and treatments for workers and patients.

Clinic IMSS 110. Courses in the field of cancerology and pallium, as well as permanent treatments in the area of ​​neonatal care
General hospital and western health centers: courses for patients and relatives of diabetics.