What is meditation?

It is a simple exercise suitable for everyone, based on breaths and mental discipline that brings scientifically proven benefits, such as:

  • Better concentration on day-to-day tasks;
  • Decreased stress caused by daily pressures;
  • Increased creativity;
  • Improvement of sleep quality.

Although meditation is a well-known practice, what everyone does not know is that it is extremely easy to include it in the routine and begin to experience the well-being provided by that discipline.

The practice of meditation is the first step in learning the Neural Stimulation® and provides the necessary foundation for those who wish to achieve physical and emotional well-being in a simple way through this technique.

5 Minutes, I Meditate

When you are at peace, the world is at peace..

In 2013 we launched the world campaign for Peace “5 Minutes I Meditate”, whose main objective is to spread the practice of meditation so that it can reach a new generation of people more easily. For this we created an application that adds the minutes of meditation in our Meditometer, generating a wave of peace in the world.

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The 5 Minutes application is a guide to facilitating meditation and developing your well being on a day to day basis. At the end of this time, you add minutes for peace on our meditometer, a meditated time world counter.

Download now and improve your day!