The daily practice of Neural Stimulation brings numerous benefits, there are no limits to the results you can achieve. Pain and symptoms of any kind can be kept under control until they are completely eliminated. It is like having a “rapid intervention” in your hands.

The main benefits of Neural Stimulation:

  • Balancing the nervous system;
  • Control of pain in general;
  • Recover the quality of sleep;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and others;
  • Regulate blood rates;
  • Control stress, depression and anxiety levels.

It is the technique of today and of the future

Rapid (5 minutes per day), effective, through its exclusive treatments aimed at purifying the blood, strengthening the immune system (against viruses and bacteria, GM food, pollution, etc.) and the nervous system (against stress and anxiety) . Wellbeing it will always be in our hands.

In Neural Stimulation we have exclusive treatments that act on these systems in a specific way.


It is the treatment par excellence. The weekly application allows in just 10 minutes to relax the nervous system and maintain the psychophysical balance.


Of daily application, it increases the quality of life and keeps the nervous, immune and sanguine systems fortified.


Antidote against diseases of daily application. Cleans, filters and purifies blood, keeping the chemical composition at the appropriate levels. It is a great help in cases of diabetes, chemo, among many others.


Whoever is prepared in Neural Stimulation can apply the treatments from 2 to 500 people at the same time. Essential in emergencies, catastrophic situations, ideal first aid.


Why it works

The functioning of our body is, de facto, based on the nervous system, in charge of transmitting information constantly to all organs and systems.

Nervous system means a structural and morpho functional unit characterized by a biological tissue highly specialized in receiving, transmitting, controlling and processing internal and external stimuli of the body, through bioelectrical signals, allowing a living organism to relate to the environment.

The nervous system is the basis of the psychic and intellectual functions of animals, including humans – examples of such functions are memory, knowledge, consciousness.

The central nervous system, along with the spinal cord, controls all functions of the body through the nerves, composing a complex network of connections between neurons.

The neurons are interconnected by extensions that allow the transmission of electrical and chemical signals. If this transmission does not occur properly or is interrupted, body functions will be affected, possibly leading to potential health problems. These transmissions can be affected by physical and mental variables (a stroke or fear, for example).

The Neural Stimulation Technique acts on the main Nerve Plexuses (Vital Centers) regenerating the connection network between the neurons and restoring the optimal transmission of the impulses between the cells: in this way the equilibrium and the correct function of the organs that are related are reestablished. Through the treatments and meditation you can regulate the amount of cortisol in the body, with positive effects on the nervous system, immune system, and blood values. This positive effect is due to the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, specifically to the activation of the parasympathetic system.

The Vital Centers used by Neural Stimulation are 6 and are located on the head and on the vertebral column in correspondence of the central nervous system, through which the technique works.

The contact of the fingers – in the hands is the highest concentration of nerve endings – with the vital center, causes a bio-electromagnetic reaction that, through the neuronal network, accelerates the natural regeneration of organs and systems. Thanks to the consistency in the application of the treatment, we will rediscover our integral well-being. The years of experience lead us to assert with confidence that these 5 minutes per day are able to change your life.

The Neural Stimulation Technique is part of the bio-natural therapies complementary to traditional and conventional medicine.