MSF’s courses

Neural Stimulation is taught in theoretical-practical course divided into 3 levels.

No prior knowledge or specific qualifications are necessary, it is suitable for all people of all ages. For children and adolescents, we have dedicated courses with age-appropriate language and graphics.

The structure and duration of the courses can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of the group. For example, courses for companies emphasize stress management and increased productivity, while courses in communities prioritize the strengthening of the immune system and preventive practices.


Neural Stimulation Courses

Level 1:

  • Introduction to the technique;
  • Meditation and breathing;
  • Location of vital centers and their functions;
  • Self-application of treatments on vital centers;
  • Local treatments

Level 2:

  • Treatments in others, up to 20 people per day;
  • Treatment with both hands;
  • Treatment for animals and plants.

Pre-requisites: first level course

Level 3:

The course covers the three pillars of the Neural Stimulation Technique: nervous system, immune system and blood.

Some of the issues addressed:

  • Balance and strengthening of the nervous and immune system;
  • Blood treatment;
  • Prevention and complementary treatment of specific diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, smoking and drugs;
  • Simultaneous treatment of up to 500 people.

Pre-requisites: level 1 and 2 courses.

MSF’s courses

Other courses

Manos Sin Fronteras aims to share Neural Stimulation throughout the world.
But it also offers a variety of courses that adapt to various interests and different age groups; these courses are designed for people who want to expand their cosciousness. Some courses have the three levels of Neural Stimulation as a prerequisite.

Superior courses – Levels 1 and 2
These courses provide a more in-depth description of the topics and the origin of Neural Stimulation. Explore topics such as:
• How does the law of cause and effect work?
• Happiness, pain, illness, health, are they coincidences or consequences?
• What is the magnetic field?
• What are the different types of energies that surround us?
The three levels of Neural Stimulation are prerequisites.

Chakra 6 – Distance treatment
The purpose of this course is to develop the unlimited potential that resides in all people so that it can be used to their advantage, that of the people around them and the planet.
In the course, the source of our potential is revealed, in particular the power of thought and how to perform a Neural Stimulation treatment at a distance.
The three levels of Neural Stimulation are prerequisites.

Two or three times a year, the International Institute organizes special courses in the form of trips to different countries. Each of these trips covers specific topics discussed during the event.
Usually these courses last 8 days, activities include: visits to important places, knowledge of the history and culture of the area and conferences related to the topic of the course. Participants can ask questions and exchange thoughts and ideas with people from all over the world.
In these courses, people also have the opportunity to meet our founder La Jardinera and ask her questions in open discussions.