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 The Neural Stimulation® technique is applied using the hands consciously on nerve endings along the body. Through the daily practice of exercises taught in the course a person can increase concentration, decrease stress levels which translates into greater emotional balance.
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Strengthens the immune system and regulates blood pressure
Helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes and viruses
Regulates levels of stress, depression and anxiety
Equilibrate the nervous system
Helps eliminate pain
Restores quality of sleep

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International Events 2018
International Events 2018
Travelling is expanding our internal boundaries, it is an experience of personal growth and fulfillment.
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Desire – LJ’s Message
Desire – LJ’s Message
Each day is a celebration for mothers, as well as for fathers and for every human being. Human beings share with their usual friends, the ones that keep them company: our dogs, cats, little birds. It doesn’t matter what the animal that keeps you company and accompanies you is.
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The ghost – LJ’s Message
The ghost – LJ’s Message
We are human beings and humans only have ambitions because it gives more strength to our miserable bodies, the meat which will later rot. It will burn, will be eaten by bugs and you forget that the soul is the only thing that recognizes God, the soul is the only thing that comes from God and you forget. You give more importance to ‘What will they say?’ ‘What will they think of me?’
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