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What is Meditation?

It is a simple exercise suitable for everyone, based on breathing and mental discipline that brings scientifically proven benefits, such as:

  • Better concentration on day-to-day tasks
  • Decreased stress caused by daily pressure
  • Increased creativity
  • Improvement of sleep quality

Even though meditation is a well-known practice, what is not widely known is that it is extremely easy to include in daily routines and to immediately start experiencing the well-being provided.

The practice of meditation is the first step in learning Neural Stimulation® and provides the necessary foundation for those who wish to achieve physical and emotional well-being in a simple way through this technique.

5 Minutes, I Meditate

When You are at Peace, the World is at Peace

In 2013 we launched a worldwide Campaign Peace: ”5 Minutes I Meditate”. Its main objective is to share the practice of meditation so that it can easily reach new generations. To achieve this we created an application that teaches people how to meditate, provides a soothing soundtrack and adds the minutes of meditation to our Meditometer, generating a wave of peace in the world.

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The 5 Minutes application is a guide to facilitating meditation and developing your well-being on a day by day basis. When the timer ends, you add minutes for peace to our meditometer, a world counter for time meditated.

Download now and improve your day!



Meditating in Childhood

We work with schools and train their teachers so that they can use meditation in their daily routine, helping children feel calm and achieve better concentration.

Practicing 5 minutes of meditation per day, children will have the resources to help them work through their emotions and transform them.

Children meditating in a course

Partner Institution for Peace

It is an initiative of Manos Sin Fronteras that aims to take the campaign "5 Minutes, I Meditate" to public and private companies and institutions across the world.

The program offers courses and training to teach and encourage meditation in the corporate environment, with the support of the official campaign app.

Practicing meditation regularly has a positive impact on the work environment. It improves individual professional performance, and in groups it creates a wave of serenity, which transforms relationships, organizational climate and internal communication.

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Children meditating in a course