Neural Stimulation

Neural stimulation is a natural and effective technique of universal application.

It acts on the 3 fundamental pillars of the body (immune, nervous and circulatory systems), using the bio-electromagnetic field of the body. The technique accelerates the activity of neurons and regenerates cells, promoting a lasting balance in physical, mental and emotional health.

It achieves this wellbeing through meditation and conscious use of hands at specific points in the body. Once the technique is learned, people can treat themselves and others.

It is a complementary technique to traditional medicine, without replacing it.

How it works?

The technique consists of stimulating the vital centers that are positioned on the head and along the spine. Each point is linked to specific organs and systems of our body through the nervous system.

Our hands are the only tool: here we find higher concentration of nerve endings. The fingers, when we put them in contact with the vital centers, give rise to a bio-electromagnetic reaction that accelerates the natural processes of regeneration of the body. Through the nervous system itself and the branching of the nerves, we achieve benefits for all organs and systems of the human body.

The treatments are quick and effective: with just 5 minutes a day, you can get short- and long-term benefits.

Through the courses people can learn to treat themselves and others, so that they always have a valuable aid against any type of symptom or pain, fighting stress or simply achieving and maintaining physical and mental harmony.


The daily practice of Neural Stimulation brings numerous benefits, there are no limits to the results you can achieve. Pain and symptoms of any kind can be kept under control until they are completely eliminated. It is like having a “rapid intervention” in your hands.

Neural Stimulation Courses

Level 1
Learn the basics of the technique and apply it in self-treatment.
Level 2
Learn how to do treatments in two vital centers and to help others.
Level 3
Learn how to do treatments to balance the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and level blood values. There will be no limits to the number of people you can help.

Applications areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarify your doubts about the Neural Stimulation technique.
How long until I start feeling the benefits?
As soon as the technique is applied, the benefits can already be felt.
On what principle is the technique based exactly?
The human body is a perfect machine, but due to stress or the onset of illnesses, you can create blockages or pain. Neural stimulation helps in a completely natural way to have a "boost", which helps regenerate.
The fingers, when in contact with the vital centers, located in the head and along the spine, cause a bio-electromagnetic reaction that accelerates the natural processes of regeneration of the body. Through the nervous system itself and the branching of the nerves, we allow the benefits to reach all the organs and systems of the human body.
How is a typical session?
The first time we treat a person, we begin with the equilibrium of the nervous system. This is an exclusive treatment of neural stimulation. Its duration is 10 minutes and is applied once a week. The immediate benefits are a feeling of great relaxation, improved mood and a regenerative sleep. Then we will treat a person’s vital centers for 5 minutes and we can add the other exclusive treatment of Neural Stimulation, denominated "purification of the blood" (of 5 to 30 minutes). It cleanses, purifies and filters the blood by eliminating toxins, viruses and free radicals - something indispensable today.
Who can practice Neural Stimulation?
Everyone! We have courses open to all. There are courses dedicated to institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, companies, schools, children and adolescents. Reaching young people is one our most important goals, they are the future!
How is it different from other techniques?
Neural stimulation is the only technique that helps balance the nervous system in 10 minutes and can offer treatments to groups of people at the same time. It is practical, efficient and very effective in emergencies. The regular application time is 5 minutes. It has three unique treatments: balance of the nervous system, strengthening of the immune system and purification of the blood.
Can I take care of all kinds of discomforts, illnesses or emotional conditions?
Yes. It is applicable in any physical or emotional situation, it can be from simple discomfort to more complex diseases. In cases of diabetes, it allows to control blood glucose levels. In chronic degenerative diseases, delay and / or decrease effects.
Should I not take other medications or alternative treatments with neural stimulation?
It is important to continue with the medical supplies. The technique supports a person’s medical treatments, accelerating the healing processes and reducing the side effects. It is integrative with traditional medicine.

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